I catch ‘em, God cleans ‘em

I was drivin’ ‘round down south Louisiana,
Stopped in a town called Galliano.
Saw a sign on a church that said “A Fish Fry tonight”.
A little old Cajun preacher was preachin’,
Reminded me of an old camp meetin’.
He brought St. Matthew four nineteen to life. He said:

Refrein: I catch ‘em, God cleans ‘em.
I bait the hook with the love of the Kingdom.
I’ve been called to be a fisher of men.
I catch ‘em, God cleans ‘em.
Heaven knows He saves every soul that believes Him.
I reel ‘em in and He washes away their sin.

It didn’t take long for him to catch my attention.
He was long on grace and short on religion.
He said a prayer and that was all that she wrote.
He said amen, and God as my witness,
I fell in that big ol’ net of forgiveness.
And before I knew it, we were all in the same boat. He said:


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